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Socks with Sandals.
Because it feels too good not to.
30th-Dec-2008 09:36 pm - This made my damn day.
Arise, Sir Terry Pratchett.

...I know, right?
I made one last mix this year. It's my State of the Union. It needed accompaniment.

1 Jens Lekman You Are The Light

2 The Mountain Goats This Year

3 Peter Bjorn and John Objects Of My Affection

4 of Montreal The Party's Crashing Us
5 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Y-Control
6 Belle & Sebastian Sukie In The Graveyard
7 Junior Senior Move Your Feet

8 The New Pornographers All For Swinging You Around

9 Cake Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Barry White)
10 Ween Freedom Of '76
11 Okkervil River Song About A Star
12 Neutral Milk Hotel Naomi
13 Tarkio Weight Of The World

14 Ben Folds Such Great Heights (The Postal Service)

15 Magnolia Electric Co. Werewolves Of London (Warren Zevon)
16 Elliott Smith Stickman

17 Billy Bragg A New England

18 The Microphones I Felt Your Shape
19 Ryan Adams Come Pick Me Up
20 Aimee Mann Goodbye, Caroline
21 Tom Waits Innocent When You Dream
9th-Dec-2008 11:28 am - Math don't lie.
A reddit discussion about the worst band in the world according to Google:

Akaji: Nickelback < Creed.
TJHookor: I was just about to write the same thing.
TheMemoman: Nickelback has just a worse reputation. Creed IS actually worst. Another bad PJ clone. Nickelback still sucks hard, I wouldn't mind a two-way tie to be honest.
blackeyes: Nickleback + Jesus = Creed.
stu091: So Jesus = Creed - Nickelback.
accelerape: Why isn't this a t-shirt?
6th-Oct-2008 06:17 pm - Six-foot-twenty, made of radiation.
I know this one's been around, but I got "George Washington" stuck in my head today and had to watch it. Repeatedly.

Brad Neely is a damn genius.
1st-Sep-2008 04:58 pm - Labor-thday.

It's my birthday again. I'm twenty-eight this time. I'm not surprised.

My body is a mystery to me. Some nights I'll drink five beers and feel like death warmed over twelve hours later. Yesterday I had three margaritas, a Manhattan, a double Jack and Coke, an Irish car bomb (thank/curse you, li'l sis), a tequila shot (“”), and an undetermined amount of beer. My head tried to ache a little this afternoon but gave up. No complaints, mind you, but that makes zero sense.

Every seven or so years, depending on leap years, my birthday falls Labor Day, which was also the day I was born.  Monday's child is fair of face.  I called Mom and thanked her for not holding all twenty-seven hours of labor against me.  It would've been understandable, all things considered.  It's ninety-plus degrees outside, which is actually cooler than the record hot day in 1980 when I decided to pop out.  They didn't have A/C in their apartment, either.  It's a wonder she didn't saddle me with six flavors of guilt my whole life long over that.

People occasionally ask me what I want for my birthday.  There is never a genteel enough way to say you don't want anything.  You always look like you're being difficult.  But really, just having a lot of people show up and have drinks with me until two a.m. is generosity enough for me.  If they also want to buy the drinks, I will not say no.
17th-Aug-2008 12:40 pm - Deliciousness for your ears.
Time for you to hear more about music I'm listening to now. 

Asobi Seksu - Asobi Seksu and Citrus

I like the term "shoegaze."  , but the genre itself can grate on me at times. There's a degree of densely-layered, kitchen-sink sound that wears me out, but Asobi Seksu have a lighter touch and stay well inside that threshold.  They listen to My Bloody Valentine but don't worship them.  It helps that having your female keyboardist do lead vocals too is a formula with success written all over it.  Vocals are occasionally in Japanese too, which is fun.  For the curious, their name translates as "playful sex."

Regular earworms: "I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me" and "Walk On The Moon"

Mos Def - Black on Both Sides

I'm a late adopter when it comes to hiphop, such that I sometimes still hyphenate the word.  It adds fifty years to your age, like "aero-plane" or "fascimile-machine."  Over the pat few months I've gotten into Mos Def in a big way, and I'm proud to say I didn't have to listen to Black Star to get there (though I did get that album immediately after).  I appreciate lyricists who aren't just trying to be as hard as possible.  Dude can tell a story.

Regular earworms: "New World Water" and "Do It Now" (teaming up with Busta was just sick)

Frank Black - Teenager of the Year

I make no excuses for not having gotten this album years ago.  Maybe I just wasn't ready to let go of the Pixies as an ensemble and didn't know how fulfilled I'd be by just Frank.  Answer: very.  I find myself wishing most of the songs on this album were longer, but he likes to get said what he wants said and then hit the next track.  The lyrics and guitar are almost pure Pixies, with the signature buzzsaw scream only toned down a little (I'm given to understand that this is a trend that continues in his later work).

Regular earworms: "Headache" and "Calistan"

Magnolia Electric Co. - Sojourner Box Set - Nashville Moon

Jason Molina is the man you want to have a brief, disastrous love affair with just for the sake of getting a song out of him about it.  If you read his lyrics, you'll find them to be decent at best, but this is only because you haven't heard him sing them.  A lot of music is like that, of course--music has a transformative property that takes even trite rhymed couplets and makes them something entirely other, and J. Mo is a master of the art.  This is a good, strong compilation and it'll pretty much make you want to get drunk, do something you'll regret, then feel like you've come out the better for it later on.

Regular earworms: "Nashville Moon" and "Don't Fade On Me"
27th-Jun-2008 04:42 pm - Books are awesome.
In the two years and a month I've been with this company, I have not taken any vacation time.  I discovered recently that I have three weeks of it saved up.  Alex, my boss, insisted that I dedicate one full, consecutive week, forty paid hours, to vacationing before the end of this summer.  So after I put in a few hours tomorrow to catch up on things, I won't be returning until a week from Tuesday.

I plan to do absolutely nothing that is important or momentous.  It's going to be fantastic.  My only ambition is to catch up on some reading.  That's the only reason I'm writing this.  I'd like suggestions on things that need reading, even if you're not sure I haven't read it already.  That or just talk about your own summer reading list.  I've read fuck-all but things I already own, for the most part, for the last couple of years.  It's pitiful.  Help a fellow out.
4th-Jun-2008 09:05 pm - Feel free to clutch your own head.
For a couple of days, I was having real trouble with my right ear. You know the sound of wind blowing on the other end when you're on the phone? Something like that would happen inside my ear every so often, for a little more than a second at a time. It was loud, but below the pain threshold. Distracting as hell, no matter what you're doing.

What really irritated me is that I couldn't pin down a reason. There's been more than a little storming going on here, so Cimmy offered that it could be the wild shifts in barometric pressure. I didn't have any other symptoms, so infection was really unlikely. I'd been to see They Might Be Giants a couple weeks ago in Kansas City, but come on, I'm not so old that I'd suffer damage from that. Besides, I could hear just fine for the most part.

Yesterday I was at Brett and Scott's. Their complex has a pool, so they went for a quick dip. I didn't feel likes borrowing shorts or showing off my pastiness, so I sat poolside and we talked. The rushing, fluttering sound hit my ear and I did what most people do to plug an ear—I pressed my tragus down with the end of my finger until it stopped a moment later.

Brett and Scott looked at me quizzically, since I'd made an irritated grunt. I explained the problem I'd been having, then noticed a silverfish on the concrete. In the space of instantly, I thought:

That hadn't been there before. Silverfish don't hang around swimming pools. They hang around in my house sometimes, though.

A silverfish had crawled into my ear canal.

That I haven't had a problem since has pretty much confirmed this. Brett refuses to believe it, which is understandable, but it definitely happened. Silverfish are harmless, by and large, but I'm still calling my landlord.

19th-May-2008 07:57 pm - Son of a bitch.
The back wheel of my bicycle is missing.  Someone took my back wheel.  Not my front wheel, which is easily removed and replaced.  The back, which requires you to disconnect things and bend the shit out of other things and ruin the entire bike.  I didn't treat it the best in the seven and a half years I owned it, but it was mine and I loved it.

Fuck everything.
Most technology has a built-in feature, which is the ability to point out shortsightedness in its creators.  A few years ago, someone designed a spiffy radio alarm clock which, after prototyping, tweaking, testing, retesting, and probably sixteen more steps, ended up on a store shelf in 2006, from which it got bought for me.  They thought of quite a few things that hadn't been within the reach of Sony when they made my last alarm clock fifteen years before, including an automatic time set feature. To make this feature useful, there's one thing it has to do manually: adjust twice a year for Standard and Daylight Savings times, based on the set dates for this to occur for the foreseeable future.  There's probably on an official table for this somewhere in Washington, D.C.

What they didn't consider until their clock was in stores was that a certain piece legislation that was already on the docket during the design phase would go through.  It went through, and it called for Daylight Savings Time to start earlier by a few weeks.  What this means is that I have to adjust for Daylight and Standard Time myself.  What it also means is that my clock knows what day would have been the start of Daylight Savings had it not been for that legislation but I don't.  Not, at least, until it sets itself forward, which it did this morning.  I've got an hour to kill that I'd like to have spent sleeping, but I didn't figure out that I was up an hour early until after I'd showered and gotten half-dressed.

The legislation also extended the end of DST, so some Sunday morning in autumn, it's going to go back an hour without my knowledge and I'll sleep in another hour.  Let's hope I don't have somewhere to be that day, too.
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